Misiones en El Salvador

By: Grupo de Misiones 
(Writer: Obdulio E. Bonilla & Editor: Nehemias G.)
Febrero 16 del 2020
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El Salvador:

President:Nayib A. Bukele Ortez
Capital:San Salvador
Religion:70% Catholics & 30% Protestant

Location: It is the smallest country on the American continent with 21,040 square kilometers, divided politically and administratively into three zones, 14 departments and 262 municipalities.

Government: The constitution of December 15, 1983, amended in 1992, establishes that the Executive Power is exercised by the president, who along with the vice president is elected by direct suffrage for a period of five years, which begins on June 1 of the election year.

The Flag (Meaning of the Colors): The two blue stripes represent the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, which bathe the west and east coasts of Central America. In addition, the blue symbolizes the Salvadoran sky. The white stripe symbolizes peace and concord.

Typical Salvadoran Dishes:

  • Pupusas
  • Salvadorian Tamales & their variety
  • Empanadas
  • The Canoas of plantains
  • Fried or boiled yucca
  • The riguas
  • Pasteles Fritos
  • Panes con Pollo
  • Elotes Locos
  • Atol

Praying For:

  • …for faith
  • … for the churches
  • … for the criminality

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